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We are exclusive distributors of The DC-Matic Model 750 - the world's most powerful, 24-VDC electric impact wrench.DC Matic

The production quality model will be ready for delivery in the summer of 2012.

We are accepting "pre-orders" now. Contact us to secure yours today.

The Model 750's "Patent Pending" technology produces outstanding performance that has never been achieved in a direct current powered impact wrench!

Striving to create the ultimate impact wrench, each Model 750 has four exterior gun housing ports that allow the removal and replacement of the tool's motor brushes in under ten minutes with nothing more than a standard flat-blade 12-24Vscrew driver.

For the best possible 24-VDC connection in all types of weather conditions each Model 750 is equipped with a genuine 175 amp Anderson power connector and a specially designed cable boot to keep out unwanted debris. The Anderson contact points are silver plated copper for maximum current transfer.

A rugged-use, multi-cluster LED light ensures that for the life of the tool, anyone using the Model 750 will be able to clearly see the task at hand.

The Model 750 can be powered from a single JiffyJump 12/24V unit - providing the ultimate in flexibility. More information at DCMatic.com.

User Benefits

The DC-Matic Model 750 has many benefits over a traditional air compressor including:

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The best jumpstarters. Period.

Whatever the weather. Jiffyjump it.

Safe, high power lug changes.

The brand new, game-changing, DC Matic.